Meetings section updates
Posted by on Monday October 11
The meetings section have been updated.
Detailed information about the next Heidelberg Meeting and on the last Executive Board meetings have been added.
WG members available
Posted by on Thursday July 1
The composition of each working group is now online here
Working Groups list added
Posted by on Friday June 18
A page with the working group list (with tasks leaders) has been added. Working groups composition will be avaible soon.
IDEA website restyling
Posted by on Wednesday April 28
The website has been deeply updated. Please send me any comment, appreciation, bug or problem. Thanks.
Mailing list for IDEA collaborators
Posted by on Thursday April 15
I've created a mailing list for all the IDEA collaboration members. Members should have received a mail explaining how to send mail to the mailing list, how to change their preferences and access the mailing archives.
The mailing list address is:
Please contact the list administrator for help or further information.
IDEA website online!
Posted by on Saturday April 10
The IDEA website is online! For any comment, suggestion or problem please contact the webmaster.