Working Groups List

IDEA Joint Research Activities

There are three areas of study which require substantial R&D activity:

  1. DBD Isotope Enrichment, to extend DBD investigation to new isotopes. R&D is needed to produce
    isotopes which cannot be enriched with the traditional centrifuge technique.
  2. Study of Promising Nuclides, such as 82Se and 150Nd. The main R&D objectives concern the purification
    of 82Se and the realisation of Nd-based bolometric detectors.
  3. New methods for the Control of the Background Radioactivity. R&D is required for the reduction of
    surface radioactivity (with active and passive methods), of the cosmogenic activity (with simulation and
    experimental techniques) and for the implementation of radically new shielding techniques (Ge diodes in
    purified liquid nitrogen).

The work in these three areas has been organized in 3 Work Packages (WP#) and 7 corresponding Tasks :


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